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Siding, Soffit and Facia Replacement or Repair for Wichita, KS

Siding, Soffit & Facia

Is it time to replace or repair your siding and trim? Looking for a siding contractor? We can replace or repair just about any siding, soffit or facia whether it's vinyl, steel, concrete, vertical, wood siding or something else. We use only the highest quality materials for siding and trim replacement and repair, with 1/4 foil back insulation on vinyl and steel siding.

When it comes to your siding needs in Wichita Kansas, Stringer Remodeling is a one stop call. Not only can we do siding, we are also able to metal-wrap windows and doors, not to mention replace any windows and doors you might have.

Older siding sometimes forms rot behind it and we will replace any rot damaged areas to your home that might be caused by leaky or older siding.

With a large variety of vinyl siding colors to choose from and just about any color you might want to use with concrete siding, we can make your Wichita home look new again. If you have any questions about siding replacement in Wichita Kansas or the surrounding areas, feel free to contact us as your professional Wichita siding contractor.


We offer a wide range of siding options that can match your existing siding or replace your entire home exterior with a different type of siding.

  • Vinyl
  • Concrete
  • Steel
  • Wood
  • Vertical


Replace old and rotting sofit with a variety of different materials to fit your home decor.

  • Vinyl
  • Metal Wrap
  • Painted Wood


Replace old and rotting facia with a variety of different materials to fit your home decor.

  • Metal Wrap
  • Painted Wood

Colored Metal-Wrap

We offer metal wraps for soffit, fascia, doors, windows, posts and beams. Pretty much anything you might want wrapped in a colored metal, we can make it happen.