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Kitchen Remodeling, Cabinets & Countertops in Wichita Kansas

Image of Kitchen & Bath Remodel Wichita, KS

Kitchen Remodeling

Stringer Remodeling offers full kitchen remodeling in Wichita Kansas. Our services range from remodeling kitchen countertops to cabinets, flooring, tile and kitchen replacement or repairs. If you are planning on selling your home in the future, home improvements are a must and the kitchen is one of the most important upgrades that can be done to help maximize the resale of your home. If you plan to live in Wichita for many years, enjoy your home with a new kitchen remodel.

Partial & Full Remodel

Whether you just need a few things done or the whole Kitchen, we can do both.


We offer a wide variety of kitchen remodel options for counter-top installs in Wichita, such as solid surface, laminate, tile, concrete and stone including marble and granite.


Whether you are looking for new kitchen cabinets to enhance the storage space of your kitchen or spruce up the image of your home, our cabinet installs have provided families with a great addition to their Wichita homes.


What kind of kitchen floor would you like for your Wichita home? We can remodel your kitchen with a new laminate hardwood floor, real hardwood flooring, vinyl, tile and stone flooring.

Tile & Backsplash

Protect and decorate the walls around your countertops by adding a splash of tile to the decor. Not only do tile backsplashes add to the essence of your kitchen, it helps protect the walls from water and food spattering.

Replacement and Repair

Kitchen repairs can become necessary on older homes. We provide a replacement and repair contractor service of updating homes across the Wichita Kansas area. Help increase the appeal and value of your home by updating the most popular room.